Flickertooth Queen

This is the first of what I hope shall be many creatures from my slowly-developing 4e world of Dungeons and Dinosaurs. If the “Mortal” world is filled with giant lizards… what are the beasts of the Feywild like? A lot like this…


The Flickertooth Queen is a two-legged predator, with long, viciously clawed arms, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and skin which shimmers in every nameable color. At times, it seems to literally walk through space, a blur of distorted air and twisted light. The Queen is rarely alone; she is normally accompanied by her “knights” and their “squires”, all of whom will gladly die to protect her — and even more gladly kill so that she may feast.



Flickertooth Queen Level 10 Skirmisher (Leader)

Large fey magical beast XP 500

Initiative 11 Senses Perception +14



HP 92; Bloodied 46

AC 25; Fortitude 22, Reflex 22, Will 21


Speed 8


Claw (standard, Basic; at-will)

+15 vs. AC, 1d8+5

Dual Claw (standard, Combat Advantage; at-will)

The creature makes two claw attacks against the same target.

Headchomper (immediate reaction, If both attacks from Dual Claw hit.; encounter)

+15 vs. AC, 4d8+5

Flicker (move; recharge 6)

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