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 The Web Of Eyes

The first of what might be 666… or might be 2… layers of the infamous Abyss! At least this one isn’t an Evil Jungle.



The Web of Eyes has many names in different languages… Azzaghal, Venteroth, Jalakion… but what those who dwell there call it cannot be easily pronounced by normal beings. It is a vast mesh of pinkish-grey tissue, a web of living flesh, stretching seemingly endlessly in all directions. The material is sticky, but strong, and movement through it is very slow and difficult, as it seems to perversely resist transit, with seemingly clear stretches suddenly becoming blocked even as, in the distance, a former dense thicket forms a welcoming tunnel. The mesh of fibers is not attached to any sky or surface that has ever been discerned; it simply persists in all directions. Perhaps at some point it vanishes into the Elemental Chaos (if such exists), or perhaps it is bound somehow into itself, forming a closed surface. Few have cared to research the issue in depth.


Game Stats (4e)

The entirety of the Web of Eyes is crowded with fibrous tissue… and eyes. It is Challenging Terrain which normally costs 4 squares of movement per square, with a DC 24 Athletics or Acrobatic check allowing movement as if it were merely Difficult Terrain. It is also considered Lightly Obscured Terrain, and all ranges are halved. (So a range 10/20 weapon becomes a 5/10.)

 And everywhere, there the eyes. At every junction of fibers, growing like fruits on vines, dangling from curtains of thin tissue, or something floating free, there are eyes. Human and kobold; dragon and dwarf; they are everywhere, always staring. Lidless, they can do nothing but stare. Some speculate the tissue is a sort of brain tissue, and the eyes feed into it, creating a massive, continent-sized mind that can do little but watch itself; others say this is a comforting attempt to grant some purpose to what is otherwise a place of madness.

There are few landmarks here, and no towns, cities, or outposts worth noting. Occasionally, there will be a small camp of powerful beings who have come here with a particular purpose. The eyes of the web come from beings of utter malice whose own evil was their undoing, and following the grim irony and purpose which seems to rule the universe with sick humor, most were those whose evil was that of the spy, the blackmailer, the voyeur. Those who loved dark secrets, or took pleasure in seeing others tortured, or sometimes who merely watched dispassionately as evil was done… it is they who give their eyes to the web. And what those eyes have seen… can be seen again, by those with the right tools. Of course, first, you must find the right eyes…

Naturally, the web is not without its hazards.

Eyeblob Leaper

Eyeblob Leaper Level 10 Lurker
Small Elemental Magical Beast (Demon) XP 500
Initiative +11 Senses Perception +14
HP 106; Bloodied 53
AC 24; Fortitude 21, Reflex 24, Will 22
Immune Acid; Vulnerable Radiant, -2 to all defenses in any round in which it was damaged
Speed 8
M Acidic Lash (Standard) ♦ Acid
+24 vs. AC, 2d6+5
m Burning Gash (Standard; recharge 56) ♦ Acid
+22 vs. Reflex, 3d8+5 and target is Blinded (Save Ends)
m Gouge (Standard; encounter)

+24 vs. AC, 4d8+5

Combat Advantage: The target’s eyes are replaced with two eyes from the eyeblob, blinding the target until a Cure Disease ritual can be performed.

Merge With Mesh (Standard; encounter)
The creature becomes invisible until it attacks. This ability only works in the Web of Eyes.
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages None
Str 16 (+8) Dex 22 (+11) Wis 16 (+8)
Con 19 (+9) Int 2 (+1) Cha 8 (+4)

Eyeblob Leaper Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Dungeoneering check.

DC 15: The Eyeblob is a strange predator of the Web of Eyes, an animate piece of the world itself.

DC 20: It drips corrosive acids and can destroy a being’s eyes.

DC 25: Radiant damage greatly weakens it.

Eyeblob Leapers resemble twisted clusters of nerve tissue, covered with rolling, ever-vigilant eyes. The creatures attack mindlessly, lashing with their acidic tendrils and leaping for any exposed faces. If one successfully gouges the eyes from a victim, two of the eyes which compose it will drop into the now-empty sockets. The victim cannot see through these alien and mismatched eyes… but someone can. A Cure Disease ritual will remove the taint; treat as a level 10 disease.


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