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Tricksy He Is, My Precioussss

OK, once again, Friday’s Breakfast Crunch has turned into Saturday Morning Breakfast Crunch. Hey, some of us have to work for a living! Today is also a work day for me, so, you’re going to get a lot less ramble before we get to the good stuff. ("Yay!" shouts the audience.)

Tricks. Tricks in FantasyCraft are cool. We need more of them. There’s a ton in Spycraft supplements, and most seem compatible, but I want more! More! Since our theme this week has been "race and/or class specific stuff", I figure I will follow yesterday’s Strange Breeds with a set of Tricks which are only accessible to specific races. Not sure if this concept is one FC wishes to embrace, but, hey, the OGL is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries, a lot like your freshman year of college. (Sadly, not my freshman year of college. Or any year of my life, come to think of it. Gods, I’m boring.)

OK, enough ramble. Tricks!

Oi, Right In The Nadgers!

You know how to make the flat of a blade more painful than its edge….

Prerequisite: Orc, Goblin, or Ogre

Melee Or Unarmed Attack Trick (Forte): You may add your sneak attack damage/2 to subdual damage. All the other preconditions for sneak attack apply. You may do this a number of times per scene equal to your Melee Combat Feats.

Design Notes: Yes, I play a lot of Warhammer Online.

That Was Not The Arrow To Be Watching

You call it a miss. I call it a distraction.

Prerequisite: Elf

Bow Attack Feat (Forte): When you incur an Error with a bow attack and it is not activated, you may spend an Action Die to make a second attack against the same target.

Tent Stake

You just stay put, little man.

Prerequisite: Giant, Ogre

Club Attack Trick (Forte): You pound someone on the head. Hard. He is considered sprawled and may not take movement actions, including bonus five foot steps. A single reposition action will make him prone; a second one will allow him to stand as normal. You may do this a number of times per scene equal to your starting action dice. 2d6 yellow canaries will appear and circle around his head during this time. If you miss, you become flat footed at the end of your current Initiative Count.

Design Notes: No, you cannot catch, kill, and eat the canaries.


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