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Dragon Magic (Part II)

OK, we’re many days off-schedule at this point, so let’s skip the rambling and jump right to the meat — Defensive and Utility Draconic Cantrips!

Cantrips Of Warding

These minor spells are used by dragons to increase their defenses, or to improve their overall tactical position. Given the vast egos of most of the breed, it takes a very wise, or a well-warned, dragon to ready these in anticipation of a difficult battle. (A few dragons, especially the white, are notorious cowards, and may well take such steps on a general basis.)


Slide From Sight (Draconic Cantrip)

How can something so big slip away like that?

Encounter * Arcane

Minor Action

Range: 5

Attack: Level+3 vs. Will

Hit: The dragon is invisible to the target until the beginning of the dragon’s next turn.

Effect: The dragon slides 1 square.


Breath Into Life (Draconic Cantrip)

In desperation, the dragon transforms its mightiest weapon into revitalizing energy.

Encounter * Arcane, Healing

Minor Action

Requirement: Bloodied, and the dragon’s breath weapon must be recharged.

Effect: The dragon heals 15[T] hit points. The dragon’s breath weapon is discharged, and the recharge number increases by 1. (That is, recharge 4 5 6 becomes recharge 5 6) . The recharge number will return to normal after an extended rest. This power cannot be used if the recharge number has somehow been reduced beyond 6.

Design Note: Nothing is more annoying than monsters which heal themselves, especially solos, which are huge bags of hit points to begin with. Thus, this cantrip lessens a powerful offensive ability, which should mollify players somewhat. Its main purpose is to give the dragon just enough hit points to effect a quick escape.


Thickening Of Scales (Draconic Cantrip)

The dragon’s already-impressive defenses become more so.

Encounter * Arcane

Minor Action

Effect: The dragon gains +2[T] to Armor Class and one additional defense (chosen when the cantrip is cast) until the beginning of its next turn.


Adamant Resistance (Draconic Cantrip)

For a moment, the dragon seems to be almost formed purely of elemental force.

Encounter * Arcane

Minor Action

Effect: Until the end of the dragon’s next turn, either a single Resistance it has becomes an Immunity, or a single Vulnerability it has is removed.


Momentary Reprieve (Draconic Cantrip)

Draconic magic can hold almost anything at bay… for a time.

Encounter * Arcane

Minor Action

Effect: The dragon may pick any one ongoing effect which a save can end. The effect does not occur again until the end of the dragon’s next turn. It may still save against the effect as usual.


Wall Of Breath (Draconic Cantrip)

The dragon breathes, and its breath takes an unusual form.

Encounter * Arcane

Minor Action

Requirement: The dragon’s breath must be recharged.

Effect: The next time the dragon breathes before the end of this turn, the breath instead forms a wall up to 8 squares long and 2 squares high. Anyone passing through this wall takes 2d6[T] damage of the same type as the breath weapon. This wall lasts until the end of the dragon’s next turn.


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