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Monopoly & D&D — 3 Comments

  1. What about the light-blue (grey) set? Decent ROI, and allows you to easily control the house supply against any sucker that’s going for high-end sets.

    Not that I actually play Monopoly ever – it’s an absolutely terrible board game, design-wise.

    • If you are playing with people who know/understand you can’t just “use some pennies” for houses, the Housing Horde strategy is a very good one.

  2. I will just lay this down here for thought…
    “What follows herein is strictly for the eyes of you, the campaign referee. As the creator and ultimate authority in your respective game, this work is written as one Dungeon Master equal to another. Pronouncements there may be, but they are not from “on high” as respects your game.”

    AD&D1e DMG, written by Gary Gygax, pg 7.
    False Confirmation happens both ways.

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