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  1. I like this and agree with this a lot. I think that 4E’s focus on combat as “THE FUN PART” broke the game for me and many of the players I know.

  2. Holy crap, I don’t think I’ve ever read any article decrying 4e’s most essential failure with nearly so much succinctness as this one. You sir, are correct, at least, so far as I’m concerned. I like 4e to a reasonable degree, but by focusing on one set of “fun” parameters, it completely misses the point.

    For me, I’ve run Pathfinder as an epic level romp with heroes battling hordes of weak monsters, I’ve run it as a slow, gritty dungeon crawl, a city-based mystery, and in several other in-between manners. It’s easy enough to do.

    Freedom. That’s where everyone wins. I can meld Pathfinder, 3e, 2e, even 1e to whatever I and my players want to run. With 4e it takes me longer, even with the more unified mechanics.

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