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  1. “a good balance between the ‘finger in the wind’ 1e/2e rules and the ‘IRS Tax Auditors Give Up’ 3.x/PF rules” – I couldn’t agree more (lol). I’ve been running a lot more Pathfinder than 4e lately and I really miss how easy it is to make new creatures in 4e. I do really dig the monster across the ages thing – it’s a good demonstration of how the mechanics shape the same concept. It’s a lot of work, but it’s appreciated.

    The monster is awesome too. I never thought that the cold themed ooze would work (I’ve never really liked the white pudding), but it does. Love the hard, shattering shell with gooey filling on the inside (that dissolves you). I’m not sure if this was by design or a happy coincidence, but this is kind of how glaciers work in real life. The pressure of thousands of tons of ice transforms the bottom layer into a kind of icy gel. So similar, but without the ability to spawn 🙂

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