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The As-Required-By-Law Kickstarter Post-Mortem — 9 Comments

  1. Nice post, Mr. L.

    I thought long ago that I wanted to be a full-time creative. I wanted to see my name in print on a book. No, books. Lots of them.

    What I learned is that I love telling people about cool things other people create, but that I absolutely loathe (with a capital HATE) writing. It’s so very painful to me.

    I’m glad someone (you) found the writing the ‘easy part’. 🙂

    • Well, feel free to tell people about this book. As noted, the Kickstarter didn’t leave much left over after expenses… so I need to sell copies to non-backers in order to get anything out of this project other than satisfaction at a job moderately well done. (And don’t get me wrong, creative work is rewarding in itself, but it’s hard to trade the warm glow of knowing you have brought something worthy into this world for a Big Mac and fries. The clerk just can’t make change for emotional fulfillment.)

  2. Lizard, great description of the basics of the production process for those who think the writer is the only contributor to a book. I hope it opens at least a few persons’ eyes.

    And Ed, thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only person who loathes writing and finds it painful!

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