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Yet Another Earth Delta Update — 2 Comments

  1. Love the boar’s tenacity racial ability. Alternatively, you could have called the power ‘too stupid to die’ given the boar’s weak will – but that would probably lessen its chances of being used by players (and being able to do something special when you are about to die is very popular with some players – I had a friend who wanted to play the gallant kit in 2e purely because it had the benefit of being able to stay alive long enough to recite an epic poem when he received mortal wounds).

    I know that GW came up with porkers first, but whenever I think of creatures like this the cover to TMNT Road Hogs comes to mind 🙂

  2. The “Too dumb to die” power is inspired by the dire boar in 3.x, which was annoyingly hard to put down because it had de facto +10 hit points compared to a creature of its level, and it was low level enough that +10 hit points was a goodly amount, usually enough to add at least one combat round. (It’s worse in Pathfinder, because it now lasts until -Constitution…)

    The “Road Hog” literalization is a pretty old trope; I suspect the only reason Jack Kirby never used it in Kamandi was that he never quite got around to it. The wordplay of “boor” and “boar” feeds into the imagery as well, as well as the use of “pig” for any number of unsavory traits, even if this is unfair to the animal, as it is very savory. Mmmm…. bacon….

    (I’m not sure, but I *think* there was a feat in some third party 3.x book that was “Too Stupid To Die”, and you needed an Int of 8- to take it.) (Well, let’s face it, much like Rule 34, the odds are that if you can imagine a D&D 3.x mechanic for something, some third-party publisher published it, and given how much of that stuff I wrote, I may have been responsible. 🙂 I sometimes find I have “original” ideas for mechanics that, when I look back into my own archives, I’ve actually written up more than once before with minor variants…)

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