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Fletcher Hanks: The RPG

Fletcher Hanks: The RPG A brief post, inspired by a Facebook conversation. GM:”You encounter a…” Player: “I transform it into a two-headed frog, then take the frog to a space-snake, which swallows the frog and halfway digests it, but then … Continue reading

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A Villain Team?

A Terrifying Trio So this crawled into my head as a villain team for some supers game I’ll never run. Caught in an undersea volcanic explosion, a scuba diver was mutated into a hideous lava covered monstrosity with giant pincers … Continue reading

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Back From GenCon

And, as usual, I spent a lot of money, though not as much as you’d think. By the end of the con, Troll and Toad had an “Everything $1.00!” sale. The guy there told me “If you fill a box, … Continue reading

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