RPG A Day 2017 August 25

August Twenty Fifth

(Six Days Belated)

Prompt: What Is The Best Way To Thank Your GM?

Oh, another easy one, at least if the GM is me: Chinese Food. Or pizza, if it’s got meat on it (mushroom are honorary meat), and no weird hippie California toppings like artichoke hearts or broccoli or tofu cheese on a GMO free, gluten-free crust with locally sourced ingredients picked on a cooperatively owned farm and that’s why we’re charging $45.00 for a small pie.

But I digress.

Beyond that, the obvious: Show up on time. Pay attention to the massive lore infodumps — they spent six hours writing the backstory for the tiny hamlet you pass through and has statted out every NPC and their chickens, the least you could do is pretend to listen. Let them know you appreciate it when they spend two hours designing a battlefield in Campaign Cartographer that will only be in play for five minutes because you one-shot the boss monster they spent another two hours statting out in HeroLab. Not that I have any particular incidents in mind, of course.,

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