RPG A Day 2017 August 16

August Sixteenth

(Starting To Maybe Catch Up A Little?)

Prompt: Which RPG Do You Enjoy Using As Is?

Hm. See previous comment. I tend to muck with anything I’m running… and the crunchier it is, the more things I find I want to tinker with. The question implies, but doesn’t explicitly state, that it’s referring to games you play/run regularly… in which case, I can’t really answer. But if I can pick games I’ve only run a few times, but would run again, and don’t see a real need to tamper with… I’ll go with Toon. Sure, there’s barely any rules to speak of, but they perfectly serve the game’s focus of short, wacky, adventures with little to no continuity. (The Tooniversal Tour Guide offered campaign play options… but if I’d run something using those suggestions and guidelines, I’d probably end up fiddling with things.)

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