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Welcome To Skull Tower, Part XI — 4 Comments

  1. I reckon ‘Lee’ would be Lee Gold, of Alarums and Excursions fame, who seems to have been a friend of Mad Mr Hargraves’. I’ve never managed to get hold of a copy of A&E myself, but it’s always been surprising to me that no-one has ever done a review/breakdown of them, in a similar fashion to this series of articles. They appear to have had a major influence over the development of early US dungeon-bashing.

    In fact, I’m going to mention these articles on G+ right now, and see if I can stir up any interest in someone writing about A&E too…

    • On my FB page, it’s been confirmed that “Tantivy” was the name of Lee Gold’s section in A&E, so all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place…

      A&E is still ongoing, I believe, and each issue was quite thick… going through them would be an overwhelming, but fascinating, task.

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