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Darkbriar, Part I

Well, time is limited for me to work on this site, so I am combining two "regular" features for this week — Breakfast Crunch and the Abyss Project. This week I’m planning on doing a fairly complex demonic realm, four interlinked layers which are the domain of Zagralath, The Thorned Prince, the Lord Of The Dark Hedgeways, the Barbed Lord, the Impaler. Zagralath has a fairly interesting history. A relatively minor demon, a servant to one of the greater princes, he oversaw the gardens of the Minotaur King. When the Aeld of Cret decided they had both the power and the right to seek to bind the princes of demonkind as they might the least of dretches, a number of upheavals occured. One of these was the momentary merger of a part of the Feywild with a segment of the Abyss — the Minotaur King’s Gardens. Zagraleth may have had only mediocre power, but he was bound to that realm, and when they Fey energy surged into it, it surged into him, transforming him. He is now a strange and terrible thing, a demon tied to the Feywild, and his realm resembles the harshest parts of that world, magnified a thousand fold and twisted into utter evil. The entirety of it, all four interwoven layers, is known as Darkbriar… and we will be exploring them all.

Today, we look at Icethorn.


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