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Jigsaw Fantasy Kickstarter

Jigsaw Fantasy: Kickstarter Review Disclaimer: I was asked to look at these products and was given two of them for review purposes. No other compensation was involved. The Kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703093372/jigsaw-fantasy-oceans-and-deserts-setting-help-for “Generic” products are a common trend in RPG … Continue reading

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Welcome To Skull Tower, Part XVI

Welcome To Skull Tower, Part XVI Inns, Holidays, Guilds, And More Like Wind Chill Factor, For Example When I Said These Little Books Were Dense With Information, I Wasn’t Kidding, You Know (Doing This Running Gag With The Headers Mucks … Continue reading

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It’s A Great Big Universe….

…and we’re all really puny. Those lines, from the classic mid-90s Warner Bros. “Animaniacs”, nicely sum up one of the recurring themes in the games I run, and, in general, the games I enjoy playing in: The world extends far … Continue reading

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Blog Carnival — Worldbuilding

Oh, boy… Asking me to write about worldbuilding is like asking Al Gore to write about global warming: It’s an open invitation to endless rants on a topic which is extremely important to me, and boring to everyone else. A … Continue reading

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