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Necromican, Level 8 And 9

Necromican, Level 8 And 9 Featuring Benign Boots Wow. I just checked and realized the last post in this series was written almost a year ago. Fortunately, that wasn’t the last time this site was updated, though it seems that … Continue reading

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The World Of Synnibarr

The World Of Synnibarr OK, first off, let me note I have a few weird psychological issues with the World of Synnibarr, because I bought my copy (the first edition of the game, with the lion man cover) at an … Continue reading

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More Bunnies, More Burrows

Further Down The Rabbit Hole (Why Didn’t I Use That Gag In Part I?) (I mean, it’s not like there’s such a thing as “too lame and predictable” for this blog.) OK, when we last we left our intrepid bunny,  … Continue reading

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Bunnies And Burrows Part I

Bunnies And Burrows Well, I did get a request for the Midnight At The Well Of Souls RPG, but after doing an exhaustive look at one sci-fi RPG, I wanted a bit of a change of pace, and B&B was … Continue reading

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