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More 5e Comments

Yet another attempt to leverage the random, off-the-cuff drivel I spout on other gaming sites into an “article” here. Hey, the site’s free. You get what you pay for… including my constantly reusing that lame excuse when I post content … Continue reading

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Oh, Nifty!

I just found out my “AddInto” Firefox add-on can connect to this page. It’s likely y’all will be seeing much more frequent, and utterly trivial, updates, as now it’s really simple for me to connect to and comment on any … Continue reading

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Random WIP: Hyperspace

Honestly, this is sort of being posted because I don’t like long stretches of “No posting”, not because I genuinely think it’s likely to be of interest to anyone. (Oh, BTW, the next stage of the Battlelords walkthrough is almost … Continue reading

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Well, This Bodeth Ill

Wizards Of The Coast announced that: “The Heroes of Shadow product, originally scheduled for March and presented in digest-sized, paperback format, is moving to April to accommodate a change to hardcover format. Additionally, three D&D RPG products have been removed … Continue reading

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Yeah, This Is Going Well.

As you can tell by the cheerily generic surroundings, the transition from Joomla to WordPress is going just bloody swimmingly. Fortunately, I can roll back whenever I want. Just posting this to let all both of my readers know this … Continue reading

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