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A History Of Facile Video Game Comparisons

In Convenient Chart Format Year Edition Video Game 2000 Third 2008 Fourth 2012 Fifth Discuss. share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the … Continue reading

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The Name Of His Wife

The Name Of His Wife Jacob Brown sat on  a rough wooden chair. The light from a single flickering candle illuminated sod walls. He set down a wooden bowl filled with watery gruel, which was his breakfast, and blew out … Continue reading

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Why Tabletop Gaming Will Always Trump MMOs

Tabletop>MMO 4EVR Or, At Least, Until We Get Around To Inventing True AI The concept of an AI DM… true AI, creative and self-aware, is terrifying. It can’t be reasoned with. It can’t be bribed with pizza or boobies. It … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

Since we’d been talking about Everquest, I just had to share this when I stumbled upon it, though I didn’t use StumbleUpon, as it turns out. I remember when this was bleeding-edge graphics. 🙂 And I remember people complaining this … Continue reading

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Dear Blizzard (Dated 2004)

September 12, 2004 Dear Blizzard: I’ve been seeing previews of your new “World of Warcraft” game, and I think you’re wasting the rumored 50 million dollars you’ve put into it. It’s nothing but a clone of the market leader, Everquest, … Continue reading

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Gameplay vs. Graphics: The Eternal Struggle

I posted this over on MMORPG.com, but I figure it’s just as appropriate to post here: http://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue53/012_1_Is_A_Picture_Worth_A_Thousand_Words.php Included in this article are various corporate talking heads spewing their usual excuses for shallow games that appeal only to WoW kiddies: “The … Continue reading

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Why Haven’t They Fixed This Bug?

Why They Haven’t Fixed Your Bug Yet And, Why You’re A Moron For Asking “How can they worry about adding three new hats when the server crashes every week???” answered! OK, crybabies. Listen up. On every MMORPG related board, I … Continue reading

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Grammar For Gamers

R u a looser? Don’t be — Read Grammar For Gamers! (Updated 2/20/2012) Hi there. This is an attempt to consolidate all of the most common, and most annoying, errors in spelling and grammar seen on gaming boards, and in game … Continue reading

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