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Jigsaw Fantasy Kickstarter

Jigsaw Fantasy: Kickstarter Review Disclaimer: I was asked to look at these products and was given two of them for review purposes. No other compensation was involved. The Kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703093372/jigsaw-fantasy-oceans-and-deserts-setting-help-for “Generic” products are a common trend in RPG … Continue reading

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RPG A Day 2017 August 29

August Twenty Ninth (Three Days Belated — Or, For Me, On Time!) Prompt: What Has Been The Best-Run RPG Kickstarter You Have Backed? I am in the fortunate minority in never encountering a truly badly run RPG Kickstarter. Every one … Continue reading

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Sharknado: Pre-Release Playtest Comments

EDIT: Kickstarter is now live! One of the things I’ve found to be a lot of fun at GenCon is hot anime cosplayers spending all my money playtesting games! “Double Exposure” (which, IIRC, began long ago and far away as … Continue reading

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KS Hype: Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Just a shout out to a Kickstarter I backed, and think is well worth supporting: Michael Satran’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Romans, dinosaurs, lizard men, wizards, cyborg mole people(!), and probably a lot more! Perfect for any … Continue reading

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The As-Required-By-Law Kickstarter Post-Mortem

Kickstarter Post-Mortem (Updated 2-25-2014) As Seemingly Required By Law So, my first Kickstarter is done. I beat the odds in several ways… it was funded. The product was produced, if not 100% on time, at least mostly under budget. (That … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Announcement! Rogue Planet: Adventures On The Star Prison! With Exclamation Points! Lots Of Them!

Terrifying… I Mean, Good News, Everyone! Following a lifetime habit of jumping on the bandwagon after the dead horse has left the open barn, I have decided to try to Kickstart a new novel. As both of my fans know, … Continue reading

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