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A Musical Interlude…

With apologies to REO Speedwagon, and in tribute to E. Gary Gygax, who believed that the entire room should be against you… I can’t fight this piercer any longer And yet, it clearly will not let me go Its grip … Continue reading

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Very Short Tales Of Non-Adventure, Part 1

ForĀ  a while, I’ve had in the back of my head assorted tales of things not going according to trope, mostly for the fun of it. Here’s the first, hastily scribbled (if a keyboard counts as scribbling) in an ICU … Continue reading

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Learning The Ropes

Once more, continuing the slow process of restoring the fiction from the previous incarnation of this site… not sure why it wasn’t all brought over during the great migration, but, oh well. Today’s exciting adventure is a morally uplifting Horatio … Continue reading

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Pathfinder vs. 4e, In Summation

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Two Cows, Special Lizard Edition

You Have Two Cows… I’m sure everyone’s familiar with the “Politics explains by two cows” meme which was faxlore long before the Internet was invented.Over on RPG.net, there’s a thread which does the same for games. Because I am vain … Continue reading

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