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Inspiring Images

Just a note: I occasionally stick stuff to my Pinterest board that is of interest (if not Pinterest) to games and other geeky types. So, here it is: Inspiring Images. share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook … Continue reading

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Quick Link: Cool Star Rovers minis!

Since a comment on an old article may be missed by both my fans, here’s a link to awesome Not Star Wars Really They’re Not Honest Mr. Lucas Don’t Sue Us minis for Star Rovers! share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg … Continue reading

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The Banality Of The Fantastic

Just a little something I wrote on rpg.net that I thought ought to be here, as well. I’ve found, in my fiction, that I tend to keep returning to the concept of the banality of the fantastic — how anything, … Continue reading

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Gelatinous Cube, Glacial

Gelatinous Cube, Glacial In honor of the Winter Is Coming Blog Carnival, I’ve decided to try to a)post more often (hah!), and, b)post winter/cold/ice related stuff, as my fancy is struck. No promises on either frequency or content; been there, … Continue reading

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Common Law vs. Statutory Law

Common Law vs. Statutory Law (I thought I posted this ages ago, but no searches return it. Weird.) One of the best things I’ve seen that helps spell out a lot of the rules style debates on RPGs was pointed … Continue reading

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Beginning: Comments On 5E

Race, Class, Theme, Background Well, since a lot of my writing time (i.e, time when code is compiling, tests are running, etc) is being taken up with occasional rants on the 5e boards, it seems to me that I could … Continue reading

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Cyborg Commando 2.0 MOAR CAPS

CYBORG COMMANDO The Epic Saga Continues CAPS STILL NOT OPTIONAL Welcome back! I know, even for me, this was a long time between updates, but I’ve been: Roll Activity 01-30 Ranting on the D&D Next boards 31-80 Ranting on the … Continue reading

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Candles (Now (6/23/2011) updated with Inferno Candle!) Every so often, I just get some random idea and need to work on it. By “every so often”, I mean, “Ten or twelve times a day”, and by “work on it”, I … Continue reading

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It’s A Great Big Universe….

…and we’re all really puny. Those lines, from the classic mid-90s Warner Bros. “Animaniacs”, nicely sum up one of the recurring themes in the games I run, and, in general, the games I enjoy playing in: The world extends far … Continue reading

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