Razor Knuckles

Razor Knuckles

Just one of those random little things that came to me… a new hand-held weapon for Starfinder.


Razor Knuckles, Slicing




Bleed 1d3


Powered (capacity 10, usage 1), Risky

Razor Knuckles, Shredding 7 6,500 2d6 S Bleed 1d8 L  Powered (capacity 10, usage 1), Risky
Razor Knuckles, Mangling 12 11,000 5d6 S Bleed 2d8  L  Powered (capacity 10, usage 1), Risky

Risky: A weapon with this property has a chance of damaging the wielder. On a roll of a natural ‘1’, the wielder takes damage equal to the weapon’s level.

Razor Knuckles Description

A set of razor knuckles is a metallic band that fits around the wielder’s hand, so that the outer surface is presented when the user makes a fist. The top (enemy-facing) layer is covered with a series of finely-honed blades, driven by a motor that causes them to race rapidly around the band. As the blades reach the edge of the upper surface, they fold flat and pass harmlessly around the other side, re-emerging as the cycle completes. Unfortunately, on occasion, this doesn’t work as well as intended, and the user ends up with a badly lacerated hand. But, come on! These are just so awesome! They turn your fists into chainsaws! Like, dude, what kind of wuss are you that you’re scared of holding a 5000 RPM band of nanodiamond coated hypermetal in your clenched fist? You some kind of space chicken or something? Bkaw!

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