RPG A Day 2017 August 2

RPG A Day, 2017

August Second (Belated)

What is an RPG you would like to see published?

You mean, other than the massive multigenre parallel world D20-ish setting I’ve been using for a decade?

I suppose “GURPS Vehicles, Fourth Edition” isn’t an RPG, per se, just a supplement.

Probably “Having Emperor’s Choice release the new Arduin corebook into OGL so someone can do something with it since they’ve basically let it fester since 2010” isn’t a good answer, either.

So I’m gonna go with something a friend already posted: A licensed Transformers RPG, aimed at older (teen and up) gamers, not a simplified neo-candyland game. Focused on G1, of course, because I’m a grumpy old man with an onion in my belt, but covering the full range of toy lines (maybe we could skip the live-action films…). I like decently crunchy systems, so something on-par with most iterations of D20, with a truly robust character creation system that gives you a lot of range for designing alternate forms, and allowing for triple-changers, gestalts (Combiners, to you peons), Maximals/Predacons, *masters, and so on. Maybe not the Japanese ones that got power-ups by kissing very young girls. No. I’m not kidding. Japan, right?

With a full line of supplements detailing characters and series, on the level of quality and detail as the Doctor Who sourcebooks from Cubicle Seven.

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