RPG A Day 2017 August 30

August Thirtieth

(One Day Late!)

Prompt: What Is An RPG Genre Mashup You’d Like To See?

Cheap answer: One that makes me go “Ohhh, I never thought of combining that! That’s awesome!”

More meaningful answer(s):

  • Wild West/Classic Fantasy (Cowboys on unicorns! Dwarves panning for gold in the Rockies! City-slicker elves coming to town in their fancy duds!)
  • Cyberpunk Dinosaurs: Genetic engineering gone wild has filled the underlayers of the arcologies with all manner of resurrected critters, many of which have been cybernetically enhanced.
  • Steampunk Apocalypse: A war-torn world of Babbage-brained war machines, scavenger towns built from the ruins of crashed giant airships, and steam-powered autoduels!
  • Turn Of The Century Supers: Go read Joss Whedon’s story arc on “Runaways”. Trust me.
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