RPG A Day 2017 August 23

August Twenty Third

(Five Days Belated)

Prompt: Which RPG Has The Most Jaw-Dropping Layout?


This isn’t something I pay a lot of attention to, overall. Layout needs to be just pretty enough to be evocative, and not a pile of self-indulgent artsy-fartsy stuff with light green text on light grey background in type that wraps around images across a two page spread… I’m looking at you, White Wolf. When thinking about “diversity” and “inclusiveness”, consider that a lot of gamers have some form of partial color blindness. (In my case, a “moderate red-green deficiency”.)

That rant out of the way, there’s a lot of games with very nice layout — I’m quite fond of the original 3e books, with their pseudo-DaVinci illustrations and parchmenty-background. (To be fair, I must acknowledge that while that particular palette worked fine for my vision, it quite possibly didn’t for someone with a different color deficiency.)

At the moment, though, the winner goes to Hackmaster Fifth Edition Hacklopedia of Beasts. I’m not talking about the Fourth Edition volumes that were full of amazing ideas but which were deliberately designed to look like AD&D 1e/2e books. I’m talking the new one, which is published very slowly but each volume, when released, is a tome of true magnificence.

Here, check this out.

Everything In The Book Is This Purty

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