RPG A Day 2017 August 21

August Twenty First

(Five Days Belated)

Prompt: Which RPG Does The Most With The Least Words?

FEWEST words! #Stannis

As my personal preferences run towards massive tomes, this is an odd question. But I have two answers.

First, Og… because it’s all about using very few words.

Second… BESM First Edition. While I consider Second Edition to be one of the best rules-light generic games, I still fell in love with the very slim First Edition, because it was easy to see how, despite the overall paucity of pages, you really could model a large range of characters using it. The creators distilled broad concepts down to their essence and made it clear which options should be considered as “categorical”… “Owns A Big Robot” in 1E could easily be “Owns A Spaceship”, for example.

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