RPG A Day 2017 August 20

August Twentieth

(Only Six Days Late!)

Prompt: What Is The Best Source For Out Of Print RPGs?

I do very well at Half Price Books. They usually have a decent selection at reasonable prices. Amazon has darn near anything you can imagine, but the pricing is often crazed. Several years ago, I was in a Vampire: Dark Ages game. I wanted the hardcover splats (High Clans and Low Clans, I think). A seller on Amazon wanted over 100 bucks for each! I found them at Half Price (after the campaign ended, of course), for about 20 each.

Noble Knight Games also has a huge assortment at decent prices. I tend to prefer HPB because I am more of a serendipitous collector — I rarely know what I want/need, so it’s more fun to discover something I didn’t know existed.

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