RPG A Day 2017 August 14

August Fourteenth (As Incredibly Belated As The Last One)

Maybe I Can Do Two Or Three Today And Start Catching Up

Yeah, Right. That’ll Happen.

Prompt: Which RPG Do You Prefer For Open-Ended Play?

In terms of actual play I’ve done a lot lately, Pathfinder. The sheer bulk of official material and the gigatons of third party material means it’s damn near impossible to run out of new aspects to explore. While the core experience is still heavily shaped by D&D 3.5, which in turn was shaped by the particular interests and preferences of Gary Gygax, the rules have proven flexible enough to be refocused on different sub-genres and flavors.

Outside of what I can actually play, GURPS or Hero System. While neither has quite as much support as Pathfinder, they have more robust central engines designed around being able to model a huge range of power levels, themes, and settings. Both contain many “dials” and “switches” in the rules which affect lethality, character power, complexity, and so on. This allows for easy fine-tuning to make the game mechanics reflect the genre and tone you desire.


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