RPG A Day 2017 August 12

RPG A Day, 2017

August Twelfth (On time… how did that happen?)

Prompt: Which RPG has the most inspiring interior art?

So, once more, spoiled for choice. Seriously, do the people writing these questions have any idea how many freakin’ RPGs there are? That I own?

A few options:

Pathfinder: People can give Paizo grief for a lot of things (cough grappling rules cough) but the art is consistently top-notch, evocative, and tells you a lot about the game expectations. Everyone is covered with stuff, doo-dads, and decorations, and the level of detail is astounding. Nothing seems like it’s generic stock art, and the characters all radiate distinct personalities through their clothing, body language, and expressions.

Spycraft 2e: A game I’d love to play in, but is just a smidgen too complex for me to feel comfortable running. (See? I have limits!) The art tone, which is more “comic book” than “John le Carre”, speaks of high action, technothrillers, and a global scope, evoking a setting that is just one step beyond the bleeding edge of realism, dancing with mysticism, ancient conspiracies, and the technology of the day just after tomorrow.

The original Arduin Trilogy, as I have gone on about at great length.

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