RPG A Day 2017 August 10

RPG A Day, 2017

August Tenth (Belated)

Prompt: Where do you go for RPG reviews?


I don’t.

I used to go to RPG.net, but I’ve pretty much forgotten it was there to check. Since my current buying habits for RPGs are…

  • 361 days of the year: I pick up any new Pathfinder hardcovers that are filled with Crunchy Bitz and little to no setting material, and that’s it. (Oh, and occasionally back a kickstarter if it manages to grab my attention, then, forget about it until a link to DriveThruRPG shows up in my inbox a year later.)
  • 4 days of the year: I go to GenCon and buy anything that’s not nailed down in an orgy of consumerist frenzy, without really caring what it is, as long as it’s not on my database of games I already have.

…it’s not like reviews do me any good.

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