Spam spam spam, glorious spam…

While Akismet has done wonders in the keeping spam from appearing in the comments, the robo-spammers have evidently found this site, and I have to clean dozens of messages out of Akismet’s holding pen every day or so. This tells me the captcha isn’t working. I dislike dealing with hundreds of spam messages, because I try to be conscientious and scan them for false positives (so far, I’ve found about 1-2 out of thousands of spam posts, so maybe I should stop bothering). Even so, does anyone know of a better tool than SI Captcha for keeping spam from even reaching Akismet in the first place, and which will be only a minimal burden to the humans who come here? (I don’t want to turn off comments on old articles, as a lot of them are “evergreen”; unlike a news site or the like, the core content here — rules, reviews, and so on — is generally useful no matter how long ago it was posted, at least to the extent anything here is useful.)

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