Quick Update

I’ve been maintaining relatively regular updates for a while, but that kind of blorked lately. First, we’re in crunch mode at work, which means 12 hour days and some weekends. Second, this was when I decided I’d start running a Pathfinder game again, after not GMing for a few years (and having run games regularly since 1978… yes, 1978… that’s when Jimmy Carter… yes, the old guy who builds houses… was President… that’s a long gap), so doing prep work and worldbuilding for that takes up what little time I’ve got left.

Meanwhile, should a sharknado be built as just an air elemental w/a bite attack, or some kind of swarm?

5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Robert Liguori

    I say run as a hazard. Take the weather conditions and add roving sharks with the Sky Swim effect, limited to the area of weather.

    There should be rules for dispersing a sharknado with widened enlarged maximized fireball, tons of black powder, and/or kaiju, but I don’t think they generally are fought conventionally, with HP and AC and saves and so on.

  2. Tom

    Hey I just wanted to chime in. I’ve followed on and off for a few years but over the last couple months I started at the beginning and read all your posts. I’m a big fan and am wowed by the imagination and creativity of your work, particularly your abyss project and earth delta. Thank you.

    1. Lizard Post author

      Thank you very much for the feedback. It’s nice to know people are reading this. Hopefully, new content is coming down the pike soon.


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