…is about a third over, and I haven’t posted anything. Bugger. I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post until I logged in to do some other things.

I blame part of it on a new job — longer hours (I’m back to full time work, whereas, I had been on a 30 hour work week since November) and a raise (my first in five years!). Even better, so far, most of my work consists of what I’ve been trying to get into, professionally, for a long time — technical writing. There will be some coding, too, but I need to learn more about their software, etc, first. Also, my wife has been more-or-less immobilized (may spend a healing surge to take a move action) due to a foot injury, which means I have more chores to ignore do. Creativity tends to come in waves, mostly, and this is sort of an ebb tide period. (I can be creative on demand — it’s how I meet deadlines — but if it’s just for me, it’s hard to force it.)

There’s a few things bubbling, though. I still want to do something sci-fi and pulpy, I’m just not sure what — system, setting, complexity. Eventually, something will spark. I know I want hexagons.

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