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I use Akismet to keep this blog spam-free. However, it’s reporting that it’s captured a lot of spam I don’t see (it’s supposed to store all blocked spam, but for whatever reason, that’s not happening for me). This could be a simple bug in how it displays blocked posts, or it could be over-blocking. Since I can’t see what it’s considering spam, I am concerned at least some legitimate comments might not be getting through. (I delude myself into believing there may be more readers of this than there’s evidence for…) If you’ve posted a legitimate comment and it hasn’t been made visible within a day at the most (I need to hand-approve posts by first time posters; once you’re legitimate, you’re gold until I decide I don’t like you anymore), please send me an email directly and I’ll see what I can figure out.

PS: Dear spammers, I am not a computer, I am a person, and I am quite capable of determining that “This was article of very interesting! Please writing more of this, it was of interest to me! By the way, if you are of liking to turn garter snake into python of most girth, click here at latest-malware-exploits.infect-my-pc.com!” is, in fact, spam. I also want you to know that, if you are a spammer, if you were on fire, I would not piss on you to put it out, unless, for some reason, I had been genetically modified to urinate either kerosene or hydrochloric acid.

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