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Merry Mutant Christmas! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! I haven’t had a chance to read this through all the way (as it deserves) but the Mutant Manual is very impressive. The art is fantastic, and there are some mutants in there that really stuck in my mind (I love the cult of personality Elvis impersonators – reminds me of that movie ‘six-string samurai’).
    I picked up the Gamma World set on boxing day (but haven’t had a chance to play) and from what I’ve seen these creatures make great additions to that game as well as D&D.
    Once New Years is behind me I’m going to have to sit down at the computer and read it through as well as the rest of the Earth Delta material.

  2. @Victor — All credit for the art goes to Joshua Diffey, who did indeed put a Six String Samurai spin on Elvis. I need to get around to adding in the followers of John “Batman” Wayne. 🙂

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