Earth Delta Update!

Yes, those long awaited (by, what, two of you?) words! Earth Delta Beta 1e is now up on the main Earth Delta page. This offers a smegload of new material, mostly for Paragon tier, as compared to Beta 1c, which was posted in October. (And a reminder, all creatures are now in the Mutant Manual). It also represents, not an ending, but a momentary break — Earth Delta has been my sole “big project” for a year now, and I need to work on something else. I am still overflowing with ideas for ED, and I’m likely to post more of them here directly (and put them in the book, of course), so there will be a constant flow (I hope) of new monsters, feats, tech items, mutations, etc, along with a more public creation process for my next Big Whatever, which is looking more and more like Stellar Battles.

I’d also like to re-iterate that if anyone has posted legitimate comments and not seen them approved within 24 hours, it means my spam filter is being overzealous and to please repost them and/or email me directly.

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