A Brief Earth Delta Excerpt

Probably going to take a break from Earth Delta: Pathfinder Edition next weekend to post some Real Content (looking at Metascape, a massive boxed RPG I’ve had on the shelf for longer than I can remember, but never cracked open), as it will be a few months before there’s enough in ED:PF to post as an actual work in progress, but I felt like sharing this. This style of writing usually gets me dinged by editors who prefer a more, ahem, professional tone… but as anyone who has read my Arduin walkthrough knows, my greatest formative influence as a game writer was Dave Hargrave, and he was anything but formal.

Slow Learner (Defect, -1 MP): The mutant gains 1 fewer skill points/level (minimum 1). This defect may only be taken if the mutant would normally gain more than 1 skill point/level. If a player tries to get away with taking this defect when playing an Int 8 Fighter, smack them with the Core Rulebook. (Note: Do not do this if you keep your Core Rulebook as a PDF on your tablet.)

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