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Zombie Steampunk Cthulhu

Zombie Steampunk Cthulhu Everything’s better with steampunk. Everything’s better with zombies. Everything’s better with Cthulhu. Therefore, we need a setting where the use of Babbage’s Analytical Engine allowed cultists to correctly calculate when the Stars Would Be Right, allowing them … Continue reading

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The Grand Hall Of The Aetheric Society

  The Grand Hall Of The Aetheric Society, 1899 The Aetheric Society had outgrown its original meeting hall by the late 1880s, but it took five years of construction before the new hall opened (not to the public, of course!) … Continue reading

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Setting Seed: Bone Wars

Introduction So, I occasionally have little burbling ideas that, erm, burble to the top of my brain. They get jotted down on random scraps of electrons, often in the midst of other data. Let’s see… the initialization routine is being … Continue reading

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