The Demonblooded

The Demonblooded Tieflings. Somehow, they’ve gone from being the result of hot demon-on-human sex to being a race of emo posers. Hell, they even dropped the whole idea of Yeenoghu or Orcus or the occasional Marilith getting their freak on Continue reading →

Ye Gods!

Ye Gods! One of my favorite memories of AD&D, First Edition, was the section in the original Deities&Demigods regarding non-human deities — by which I mean the gods of the hobgoblins, trolls, kobolds, and so on. The long series of Continue reading →

Of Chitin And Creativity, Part V

Of Chitin And Creativity V: The Final Frontier Or, what does a giant bug need with a starship? And thus, we arrive at the end of our exciting adventure. Bringing the Cha’k into Crafty Games’ "FantasyCraft" is fairly straightforward. Direct Continue reading →