Zombie Fever

Zombie Fever! Or what All Flesh Must Be Eaten calls "Sharing The Love". While many undead have a spawn creation feature — "Any creature slain by a Darkname Scarything will rise as a Darkname Scarything in RandomRoll rounds" — zombies, Continue reading →

Strange Brew

Strange Brew (aka Drinking And Dragons, Part 3) Hey, eight days of Breakfast Crunch! If this were a typical "daily" updated webcomic, this would have taken two months! (It would also have a lot more readers, especially if my main Continue reading →

Faux-Alcoholism, Redux

Faux-Alcoholism, Redux Why does imaginary drink play such a strong role in, erm, role playing games? Is it because a lot of us started as teens and couldn’t drink, so we pretended to? Is it because Ale And Whores are such Continue reading →