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Rants. What more need be said?

A Musical Interlude…

With apologies to REO Speedwagon, and in tribute to E. Gary Gygax, who believed that the entire room should be against you… I can’t fight this piercer any longer And yet, it clearly will not let me go Its grip … Continue reading

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This Is A Sacred Relic

Playing at the World: Gary Gygax’s 1973 D&D Working Draft. All I can say is, “Holy Frak.” I am going to be poring over this site. These are some of the earliest proto-D&D fragments, the Dead Sea Scrolls of gaming … Continue reading

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A Personal Update

Most of the people who might want to know about this are on Facebook, but I realize there’s people who aren’t, and who might still be interested, so I’ve written up a summary. About nine months ago, Beth was strongly … Continue reading

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A Minor Diversion Into Artsy English Major Stuff

I’m doing another editing pass on Rogue Planet, in preparation for the final push to print. One of the interesting things about writing is when you set aside a document for a while, and then return to it, you can … Continue reading

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Monopoly & D&D

OK, this is going to be very brief, because every second of spare time I have is devoted to looking at cute cat gifs on Buzzfeed writing Rogue Planet. I’ve commented, often, that the perception of AD&D as being “rules … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Announcement! Rogue Planet: Adventures On The Star Prison! With Exclamation Points! Lots Of Them!

Terrifying… I Mean, Good News, Everyone! Following a lifetime habit of jumping on the bandwagon after the dead horse has left the open barn, I have decided to try to Kickstart a new novel. As both of my fans know, … Continue reading

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Lizard Is Author GOH At Conglomeration

Those of you in the Kentuckiana area who wish to meet me in person can now do so at ConGlomeration! share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark share via Reddit Share with Stumblers … Continue reading

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5e Design Goals, A Question Or Two

So, there’s another design diary up on WOTC’s site, and that means another chance for me to write an inchoate, off-the-cuff rant there, and then post it here, and pretend that it’s content. I’m a bit confused as to how … Continue reading

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Rabbis & Rules Lawyers

I just realized something. My love of complex rules systems may be due to my ethnic heritage. My ancestors, denied most opportunities to participate in academia, but from a culture which valued knowledge and learning, spent most of their time … Continue reading

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The Banality Of The Fantastic

Just a little something I wrote on that I thought ought to be here, as well. I’ve found, in my fiction, that I tend to keep returning to the concept of the banality of the fantastic — how anything, … Continue reading

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