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A Plethora Of Perilous Potions

A Plethora Of Perilous Potions Well, with onezero days to go in RPG Bloggers October theme of “potions”, I decided to create some. This isn’t as polished as I’d like, even by my low standards, but I want to get … Continue reading

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A Brief Digression Into Media

A brief digression? On this blog? Shocking! Not the digression part; the brief part. Just so we’re clear. Still milking the multiple header gag, I see. Sigh. Still metacommenting on yourself, I see. You can go blind doing that. Saw … Continue reading

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All The World’s Monsters, Volume 1 Part 3

All The World’s Monsters, Volume I Part III In 3-D! Note: Not Actually In 3-D Here we are again, continuing our expedition through the marvels, mysteries, and mayonnaise [[Note:Come up with something else that begins with ‘m’ before this is … Continue reading

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