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A Villain Team?

A Terrifying Trio So this crawled into my head as a villain team for some supers game I’ll never run. Caught in an undersea volcanic explosion, a scuba diver was mutated into a hideous lava covered monstrosity with giant pincers … Continue reading

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Look Sir! Droids! Another Ancient Game You Probably Saw Advertised In The Dragon But Which I Somehow Acquired. No Idea When Or How. It is a little-known fact that FASA’s famous “BattleTech” game was originally released as “Battledroids“, until they … Continue reading

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Sharknado: Pre-Release Playtest Comments

EDIT: Kickstarter is now live! One of the things I’ve found to be a lot of fun at GenCon is hot anime cosplayers spending all my money playtesting games! “Double Exposure” (which, IIRC, began long ago and far away as … Continue reading

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Of Gods And Men

Of Gods And Men Because It’s Been On My Shelf For Years, And I Want To Know What’s In It That’s Why Warning! You May Need COMPETENT PSYCHIATRIC HELP After Reading This! (An amusing note: I started this in June, … Continue reading

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