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Ghosts, Spectres, Wights

So there’s a new article over on WOTC about the art for undead. I had some comments to make, and I’m feeling egotistical enough that I think they might be interesting reading. (If you don’t click the link, the writing … Continue reading

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Oh, Nifty!

I just found out my “AddInto” Firefox add-on can connect to this page. It’s likely y’all will be seeing much more frequent, and utterly trivial, updates, as now it’s really simple for me to connect to and comment on any … Continue reading

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A Spell For All Time: Acidic Mouth

A Spell For All Time: Acidic Mouth Prior Articles In This Series Feral Froth Inaudible Intelligence Inspired by some guy who was ranting on about something. Look, I can’t be expected to remember trivial details like “who said it” … Continue reading

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