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The Gencon Haul, Listed

Thanks to my beloved wife’s diligent librarianship, here’s the loot list from GenCon: AD&D Monster Manual Ars Magica: Trimore, the Covenant at Lucien’s Folly Babylon 5: Armageddon: A call to arms Babylon 5: Merchants, Traders & Raiders Babylon 5: The … Continue reading

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Hackmaster 5e

Hackmaster 5e This ain’t your father’s Hackmaster. The original Hackmaster was based on AD&D 1e and 2e, put through a psychedelic blender and cranked up to 11. The only mechanics from that version that really remain in this one were … Continue reading

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The Gencon Haul

Here’s what I got: Full listing forthcoming. Not sure if the iPad camera is just lousy, or if I need to adjust the settings or something. share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark share … Continue reading

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Back From GenCon

And, as usual, I spent a lot of money, though not as much as you’d think. By the end of the con, Troll and Toad had an “Everything $1.00!” sale. The guy there told me “If you fill a box, … Continue reading

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Necromican, Level 8 And 9

Necromican, Level 8 And 9 Featuring Benign Boots Wow. I just checked and realized the last post in this series was written almost a year ago. Fortunately, that wasn’t the last time this site was updated, though it seems that … Continue reading

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