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Why Tabletop Gaming Will Always Trump MMOs

Tabletop>MMO 4EVR Or, At Least, Until We Get Around To Inventing True AI The concept of an AI DM… true AI, creative and self-aware, is terrifying. It can’t be reasoned with. It can’t be bribed with pizza or boobies. It … Continue reading

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Alma Mater, Sophomore Year

Alma Mater, Sophomore Year The Return of Biff Muntz As you may recall, far longer ago than I’d like, I posted Part I of this review and walkthrough,  in which I began generating a character for the RPG “Alma Mater”, … Continue reading

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Learning The Ropes

Once more, continuing the slow process of restoring the fiction from the previous incarnation of this site… not sure why it wasn’t all brought over during the great migration, but, oh well. Today’s exciting adventure is a morally uplifting Horatio … Continue reading

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Making Magic Magical

A common complaint I see on RPG boards is that “magic should be more magical”. The lack of “magicalness” is often cited as a reason to dislike some new version of a game, or otherwise waved around as a generic … Continue reading

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