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It’s A Great Big Universe….

…and we’re all really puny. Those lines, from the classic mid-90s Warner Bros. “Animaniacs”, nicely sum up one of the recurring themes in the games I run, and, in general, the games I enjoy playing in: The world extends far … Continue reading

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The Marketplace Of The Macabre

See, there was this old Dragon article called “Bazaar of the Bizarre”, so… Yeah. Anyway… Magic has become too darn functional lately. By this I mean, magic items are carefully designed to provide bonuses in adventuring situations, and that’s pretty … Continue reading

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Otters And Barnakills

Still learning to juggle new job and old responsibilities, so updates here are even less regular than usual, and they’re[1] usually less regular than a ninety year old man with an all beef-and-cheese diet! Ha! As you can see, though, … Continue reading

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…is about a third over, and I haven’t posted anything. Bugger. I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post until I logged in to do some other things. I blame part of it on a new … Continue reading

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