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How Do You Handle A Problem Like A Death Star?

So I’ve started very casually puttering on “Stellar Battles”, enough to already know that if I finish it, it will be a bit different than “OSRIC in Spaaaaace”, thought it’s still going to draw from a lot of older design … Continue reading

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Battlelords Of The Twenty-Third Century

“Suddenly, five soldiers in heavy assault armor appeared out of nowhere!” Battlelords Of The Twenty Third century is a game I remember seeing a lot in stores in the early 1990s, but I never picked it up. Recently, I was … Continue reading

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The Saga Of Heinrich

I’m working on a much longer article, one of my walkthrough-review thingies, though not my long-promised Alma Mater one (coming soon!), but I wanted to share this little tidbit. In Friday’s 4e game, the Big Fight consisted of the usual … Continue reading

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Blog Carnival — Worldbuilding

Oh, boy… Asking me to write about worldbuilding is like asking Al Gore to write about global warming: It’s an open invitation to endless rants on a topic which is extremely important to me, and boring to everyone else. A … Continue reading

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Earth Delta Update!

Yes, those long awaited (by, what, two of you?) words! Earth Delta Beta 1e is now up on the main Earth Delta page. This offers a smegload of new material, mostly for Paragon tier, as compared to Beta 1c, which … Continue reading

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Marvel Boy Vs. Mohammed!

It’s amazing what you can find while trolling about the intert00bz. For example, I found a copy of “Astonishing”, issue 3, published by Marvel (during their “Atlas” years) in 1951, in which Marvel Boy, a fourth-tier hero, battled the scourges … Continue reading

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