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Booty And The Beasts, Part II

Booty and The Beasts, Part II: Under The Sea

Under the sea… under the sea…. you can be ripped into thousands of fleshy gobbets and then devoured while still in excruciating agony under the sea…

Yes, folks, we’re back for Part 2 of our look through the classic late-1970s Dungeons & Dragons (very, very, unofficial) roleplaying supplement “Booty And The Beasts” by Fantasy Art Enterprises, and if anyone has Erol Otus’ email and wants to point him here, that would be swell. Part I is, of course, here. In Part 2, we go under the sea, to “Creatures Of The Sea”.

Face the Sonic Fish! Bargain with the Oyster People! Try to figure out how to pronounce “Masjenada”! And wonder just what the hell sort of recreational pharmaceuticals were involved when they came up with the vacucumber! (Says the man who created the charcharodoom while completely sober.)

The Charcharodoom. I came up with this. Don’t blame Erol Otus.

Trust me, it can't be described.

Any way, to read about the things Erol Otus and company came up with, click “Read More!”

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Booty And The Beasts

Booty And The Beasts

If you got here looking for some sort of rap album, you might as well leave now.

If you got here looking for the Disney film from the 1990s, you might as well leave now, and sue whatever school taught you to spell.

If you got here because you love old-school gaming, the more gonzo the better… sit, stay, put your feet up! Have some Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

“Booty And The Beasts” is to, say, Arduin, what Arduin is to Dungeons & Dragons. It’s right at that edge where “gonzo” becomes “stupid”, where “Man, this is totally awesome!” becomes “Dude, that’s, like, totally lame.” (For a good example of a supplement that plunges off that edge and burrows four hundred feet straight down, check out “Field Guide To Encounters” by Judges Guild, a product with almost nothing to redeem it except more art by the great This Guy I Know, except that, in this case, This Guy I Know’s distinctive style was being aped by one Kevin Simbieda. Yes, that Kevin Simbieda. Field Guide To Encounters is like his Star Wars Christmas Special. But I digress.)

Anyway, this article, or possibly series of articles… yeah, this has got to be a series… is going to go through this classic volume, not quite page-by-page, but pretty close, and comment on the many wonders that dwell within. Read on to see the wonders!

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A Spell For All Time: Feral Froth

A Spell For All Time: Feral Froth

Dungeons And Dragons Original  Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons  First Edition Dungeons And Dragons Third  Edition Dungeons & Dragons Fourth  Edition

Never let it be said I don’t listen to my readers reader! Here we are with another edition of “A Spell For All Time”! The earlier edition is here, of course.

A bruief recap: At Gencon, I pick up “Eldritch Weirdness” by Matt Finch, which includes within it a spell name generator. I decided to roll some dice, and, given a name, iterate the spell across multiple editions of D&D, showing the evolution and transformation of the game system over time.

Today, I rolled a “6”, putting me on the “F” column, and then a 35, for “Feral”, and a 91, for “Froth”.


Well, let’s see what we get, here, shall we? Onwards! As Stan Lee would say, “Jack who? No, I did everything myself.” Wait, no, that’s the wrong Stan Lee quote. Lemme see here… ah yes. Excelsior!

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